Redirect loops and mazes

solderpunk solderpunk at SDF.ORG
Sun Oct 13 16:47:50 BST 2019

One downside of Gemini's support for redirection is that poorly
written/configured servers can in principle get clients stuck in
infinite loops of redirects, or just lead clients on long chains of many
consecutive redirects.  High quality Gemini clients should be able to
recognise these conditions and escape, rather than just endlessly
following redirects and appearing to "lock up" to the user.

It occurs to me that, Sean, this kind of thing could be a very useful
addition to your already very useful Gemini client "torture test".  Do
you have any interest in coding this up?  I'm adding code to deal with
this in AV-98 now, and I hope that others will follow suit.  It would be
nice for people to be able to easily confirm that their escape logic is
working correctly.


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