Questions regarding "POST" request and line endings

Felix Queißner felix at
Sun May 17 13:55:03 BST 2020


I wanted to ask (and maybe discuss, if not done already) why Gemini has
no option to upload a file to a server except for a roughly 1024 byte
long URL string.

Imho this would be a practical use case e.g. for web forums or other
services. As some gemini servers already work with cgi scripts and
similar, i think it's a reasonable thing to allow updates via the spec.

And people will eventually use the query string to upload files with
multiple requests if they want to upload files...

Another question:
Why does gemini use <CR><LF> line endings instead of a single <LF> or
<CR> token? It makes the parser implementation more complex and imho
brings no benefit to the protocol and text format itself. I see no
reason why i should have a single <CR> or <LF> in a line and it may
confuse users: "12345, World!<CR>Hello" may be printed as "Hello,
World!" on most text terminals which is imho undesirable for
non-interactive output.

If a text-based client requires output to be <CR><LF> instead of <LF>,
it can patch the data on the fly while outputting it.


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