sysadmin advice concerning backups

Matthew Graybosch hello at
Sat Jun 13 06:55:20 BST 2020

I could use a little sysadmin advice, because this is really my first
time hosting other people and I don't want to screw it up.

I've got weekly backups arranged via Vultr, but I'm also thinking of
setting up a cron job that takes nightly backups of all users'
public_gemini directories using tar and gzip.

Admittedly this is something users should be doing for themselves if
they're using their shell accounts to write instead of uploading from
their own machines, but I want to be a welcoming place
for writers even if they aren't Unix wizards, and I think that means
making sure their data is safe.

Is this something that other pubnixes provide for users' home
directories? Are there any downsides I should be aware of aside from
the impact on CPU and storage as more people join

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