gemini+submit:// (was Re: Uploading Gemini content)

Sean Conner sean at
Sat Jun 13 22:50:25 BST 2020

It was thus said that the Great solderpunk once stated:
> 7. It's of no practical use today, here and now, for "everyday users",
> but I just want to get it on the record that in a hypothetical future
> where IPv6 or something else has provided us all with abundant
> publically reachable addresses, the obvious and elegant way for a
> client to upload to a Gemini "server" is actually to just host the
> resource itself, on a random, one-use-only URL, and then send that URL
> as a query to a well-known uploading endpoint on the other end,
> whereupon the "server" briefly becomes a client and fetches the resource
> in the usual way.  Nothing extra needed in the protocol at all!

  I'll respond to the rest in another email, but I want to say that this is
a *brilliant* idea and could be done today.  All it would require is
configuring people's routers to forward a port to the computer (gamers
usually have to do this anyway to play online games---thanks NAT! [1]).  I
may end up doing a "proof-of-concept" on this method.

  The only downside is that limit of 1024 characters in the URL, but I don't
think that will actually be that much of a concern.


[1]	This destroyed the original peer-to-peer nature of the Internet. 

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