Uploading Gemini content

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Sat Jun 13 23:19:06 BST 2020

It was thus said that the Great Felix Queißner once stated:
> Hey Sean and others!
> > *snips the whole protocol description*
> I was too working on a gemini extension to allow arbitrary data uploads
> as "10 INPUT" is a bit too restricted to ~700 byte of data payload.
> But now that i read your gemini+put and gemini+delete extension, i think
> i don't need to continue braining over my extension and it's flaws.

  I'm curious as to what you were planning.  Care to share?

> I really like the proposal. It's easy to implement and integrate both on
> server and client side. The "gemini+delete" scheme is just the normal
> gemini handling routine and the upload routine can be put "in front" of a
> normal gemini request and can be handled with the normal response handler.

  I wouldn't be too sure about that.  My own "proof-of-concept" took about
five hours to write, and it's a separate server of its own.  I did that
because trying to integrate the new URL support would have been too invasive
of a change in GLV-1.12556.

  And while the protocol itself is easy, there were issues I had to be very
cautious about to ensure nothing bad happened when a delete was called for. 
For instance, I had to account for the deletion of a directory and
everything below it.  I also had to handle the creation of multiple
directories for the put method.


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