gemini+submit:// (was Re: Uploading Gemini content)

solderpunk solderpunk at SDF.ORG
Sun Jun 14 17:52:44 BST 2020

On Sun, Jun 14, 2020 at 03:05:47PM +0000, solderpunk wrote:


> Heck, wiki nerds could write their own clients which can launch an
> editor pointed at a local copy of the resource being viewed, then
> calculate a diff in some format and submit *that* as a query, and the
> wiki software the server runs could apply the diff.

> It should also be very easy to write an app targetted at "non-technical"
> authors which lets them submit chunks of writing up to 2 KiB or so, with
> an "append" link at the submission confirmation page to submit a follow
> up chunk.  It wouldn't necessarily be the smoothest experience in the
> world, but if most content could be written in a single request and 99%
> with one or two "append" requests, I think it would be usable enough.

I realise this works a heck of a lot better for textual content than
base64-encoded binary content, where uploading, say, a JPG photograph
would require many, many chunks.  I think I'm okay with this.  Gemini is
deliberately and unapologetically a text-first protocol.


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