[ANN] Flounder - a Gemini site builder/host

alex wennerberg alex at alexwennerberg.com
Sat Aug 15 17:13:25 BST 2020

> Flounder looks awesome, nice work. It's a beautiful website, and
> looks great on Gemini too. To my knowledge this is the first time
> gemtext has been used like this outside Gemini, like as a generic
> format.

Thank you/! /
> That would be great, the first thing I tried to do was visit
> flounder.online in my Gemini browser but it didn't work of course.
> Otherwise it's a bit confusing.

Based on my research, it looks like the most mature tool for this is Molly Brown with CGI --
getting it working might be a weekend project for me.

> Could you explain more? I don't know Rust but I'd be happy to
> help idea-wise.

Basically the issue is -- a common use case would be for someone to want to link another flounder page from their page, for example I might link
my friend juliet.flounder.online's page from alex.flounder.online. A user who is using Flounder through a web app may use the link https://juliet.flounder.online
which isn't ideal when accessing it through gemini, since the link brings them out of Gemini. I think the solution is to instruct users to use
gemini:// links for other Flounder pages (and maybe put something in the UI that encourages this) and then convert gemini://x.flounder.online
to https://x.flounder.online when rendering it over https (right now I use the mozz.us proxy). I could also force this translation by modifying users' text when they save a file with
an https://x.flounder.online link but I'm not a fan of that. Maybe I could create some sort of warning that explains this, or even better I could come up
with a way to let people use simple tags like @alex and then translate that into a gemini URL on gemini or an https url on https.

  > The twtxt protocol sounds cool, and good addition to the small web.

I think there was a discussion earlier in the mailing list that inspired my idea!

> Finally, you should check out gemlog.blue if you haven't already, on
> the Web and Gemini. It's a similar project, but with a slightly different
> focus, as the posts are only available on Gemini.

This is very cool! I'll definitely have to glean some ideas from this


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