Announcing gmni, a line-mode gemini browser and curl-esque utility program

Drew DeVault sir at
Mon Sep 21 03:12:26 BST 2020

Hiya! I felt that the Gemini space has a lot of cool browers, but was
missing the basic works-everywhere client with few-to-no dependencies.

gmni fills that role:

Here's a recording which shows off some of its features:

Two tools are provided: gmni, a curl-like utility which executes Gemini
requests and writes the response to stdout, and gmnlm, a line-mode
interactive browser. The latter is demonstrated in the recording above.

The whole thing clocks in at approximately 3,000 lines of C11. It'll
grow a little bit with TOFU and client-side certificate support, but
otherwise it's pretty close to done. The only dependencies are a
POSIX-like system and OpenSSL.

The Gemini protocol implementation is pretty concise and

If there's any demand for it, I'll package these up into a library you
can link to. I also plan on writing a Gemini server in C with a similar
design approach.


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