[ANN] gemifedi, a gemini frontend to the fediverse

boringcactus boringcactus at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 21:07:22 BST 2020

if you use Mastodon or Pleroma and you want to be able to use those over 
gemini, i built a thing to allow for that.

source code: https://git.sr.ht/~boringcactus/gemifedi
demo instance: gemini://gemifedi.boringcactus.com/about

the code is bad - partially because tls libraries with good client cert 
support are rare, and partially because i'm too lazy to do anything the 
right way - but it *works*. mostly.

(if your client of choice hasn't implemented client certs yet, you can 
run gemifedi locally with the --horribly-insecure flag and it will just 
trust all requests. don't do that for very long at a time, though.)

as an exercise, i think designing gemifedi was really interesting: 
gemini has constraints i'm not used to working within, and i had to get 
creative to build what i wanted. for example, while drafting this 
paragraph in this email, i thought of a better solution to the problem 
of "well if everything is GET then everything needs to be idempotent" 
than i previously had.

i'm not sure how gemini-ish this sort of service is, but given that it's 
possible to build with gemini as it already exists, it might be a useful 
data point in ongoing discussions about building Applications™ on top of 


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