Registering GEMINI scheme

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Sun Nov 29 00:10:19 GMT 2020


I started discussion about adding support for gemini into curl. In
addition technical issues with my patch, curl maintainer was concerned
that gemini scheme is not registered by IANA, and sceptical of gemini in

Given how widely curl library is used, mainlining gemini support into it
would give us wide range of applications working transparently with
gemini: git, RSS readers, mirroring tools, source location for package
managers and so on.

For that reason I think we should take the trouble of registering gemini
scheme with IANA. I can probably draft review request, but we will
likely need to adjust specification (e.g s/URL/URI/ and other boring
stuff). According to registration process documentation, it will take
around four weeks of discussion.

solderpunk: What do you think? Are you willing to work on this?

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