[ANN] GemIF - Simple Interactive Fiction engine for Gemini

Norm MacLennan norm at iwritethe.codes
Wed Dec 2 01:37:47 GMT 2020

Ahoy there Geminauts,

I've been loosely following Gemini for a few months waiting for
inspiration to strike. And a couple nights ago it finally happened.

The aesthetics of Gemini have always put me in mind of classic
interactive fiction, which is something I've always loved - from the
classic Infocom games up to today's Twine games.

For a long time I've had a dream of writing a good interactive fiction
game the way some people dream of writing a novel. I've started in on
Twine games a few times in the past few years, but always get
side-tracked with all of the features and my brain running in a million
directions adding more and more complexity, I can't actually get
anything worthwhile out.

Anyway, I figured it might be fun to get to learn Gemini and Golang
_and_ build myself a limited-functionality framework for interactive
fiction. And that's what GemIF is going to be.

Basically you use a YAML file to configure your scenes and transitions
and GemIF takes care of the rendering and user interaction. The only
user interaction is following links to move between scenes. There are a
few more features I'm looking to add (basic conditionals, mostly), but
I'm very much looking to keep it simple purposely. Then hopefully I can
get to actually telling a story finally - probably not, though.

I've gone on about this for long enough, here's some links:

* Demo site: gemini://gemif.fedi.farm
* Source: https://git.sr.ht/~nromdotcom/GemIF

Lemme know what you think or if there's anything you'd like to see here.
The code is pretty rough due to (a) me still being a Go novice and (b)
kinda rushing through to get a proof of concept together, but if you're
willing to dive into the code I wouldn't turn away any collaborators.


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