[ANN] Gneto, a personal Gemini to HTTP proxy server

Rohan Kumar seirdy at seirdy.one
Fri Jan 1 00:08:37 GMT 2021

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 06:24:27PM -0500, Paul Gorman wrote:
>I've written Gneto, a proxy server to make Gemini content available in 
>a web browser. Gneto differs from the fine web portals available at 
>portal.mozz.us and proxy.vulpes.one in that it's designed to proxy for 
>a single user.

Cool! I'm not sure what it is about the software behind those proxies 
that makes them unsuited for personal use, though.

Another similar project worth checking out is Kineto, another Golang 
HTTP-to-Gemini proxy designed to make a single Gemini capsule available 
over HTTP.

>Thanks, and happy 2021!

You too!

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