[users] Tables in Gemtext

Kiëd Llaentenn kiedtl at tilde.team
Sat Jan 2 04:52:45 GMT 2021

On Sat Jan 2, 2021 at 4:36 AM UTC, makeworld wrote:
> > 1.  It requires the client to display the table in a monospaced font,
> >     which many would prefer not to use.
> > 2.  Text in table rows won't be wrapped properly on narrow displays.
> If you put your table in a preformatted block, then a monospaced font and not
> wrapping are required by the spec, and so are a non-issue. All the tables I've
> seen are in preformatted blocks, and I would consider anyone not doing that to
> be making a mistake, for the very reasons you've written above.

Yes, that's the point. If I have my client configured to use a
font, I don't think I'd enjoy having just tables being in a monospace

> > adding a new syntax to the spec
> I doubt this will happen, gemtext is pretty set right now.

Just for the record, this was not what I was advocating.

> And the ability to parse tables would go against its idea of clients only needing
> to look at the first three characters.

Not necessarily. Something like scdoc's [0] table syntax [1] could be

=[ Foo
=: Bar
=| Row 1
=: Hello
=: world!
=| Row 2
=: Hello
=: universe!

Unfortunately, such a solution means that the table syntax would be
unreadable without further processing, which is also against the spirit
of Gemtext(?)

Anyways. Back to ASCII art, I suppose.

[0]: https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/scdoc
[1]: See scdoc(5)


"This, too, shall pass."

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