[tech] Doppio: Gemini server in Java

Bill Havanki desu at deszaras.xyz
Sun Jan 3 03:14:59 GMT 2021


I’d like to announce my own take on a Gemini server implementation, which I’ve named Doppio.


I implemented it in Java as a fun side coding project, but I hope it’s useful for others. It supports the usual good stuff:

* static files, including finding index files
* CGI with most meta-variables from RFC 3875, plus a bunch from Apache mod_ssl
* MIME type detection by file name suffix (.gmi or .gemini for text/gemini)
* access logging
* single server configuration file

It mostly passes gemini-diagnostics. :) There’s always more TLS work to do.

The server is licensed with AGPL 3.

Enjoy, and thanks!

Bill Havanki
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