IETF policy on encodings and languages

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Sun Jan 3 13:14:42 GMT 2021

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 10:12:30AM +0100,
 Arav K. <nothien at> wrote 
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> Because we don't want the query string to be used as it is in HTML, i.e.
> for arbitrary parameters.  Using ?lang=<lang> is setting an arguably
> dangerous precedent.

This opinion requires some elaboration. There is no reason to choose paths
rather than queries, both are part of the URL. The difference between
the two is purely historical (at a time, ? indicated a dynamic page).

Said otherwise, <gemini://capsule.example/foo/bar> or
<gemini://capsule.example/foo?bar> have identical semantics. A Gemini
client can deduce nothing from the fact that one uses a path and the
other a query.

Note that Amazon managed to *patent* the idea of using parameters in
the path. US "land of the crazy parents" patent n° 7,287,042

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