[ANN] [Tech] Agunua, yet another Python library to develop Gemini clients

Stephane Bortzmeyer stephane at sources.org
Sun Jan 3 15:49:05 GMT 2021

This is to announce the Agunua library, to help Python developers
write Gemini clients. Agunua is used in the Manisha monitoring tool
(to watch your capsule) and in the Lupa crawler. There is also a
standalone command-line client, a bit like the thousand other
curl-like programs existing for Gemini :-)

Among the features that are not always present in similar tools:

* IDN and IRI support (remember this is not standardized yet),
* Ability to parse links and return them (useful when writing a
* Full control of security: certificate validation or not, TOFU or
  not, accept expired certificates or not.


https://framagit.org/bortzmeyer/agunua (send bug reports here)

Also available on the PyPi repository.

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