[spec] Ambiguity with regards to quote lines

alex wennerberg alex at alexwennerberg.com
Sun Jan 3 18:50:16 GMT 2021

Hi all --

I noticed there may be a bit of ambiguity in the spec:

> Lines beginning with ">" are quote lines.  This line type exists so
> that advanced clients may use distinct styling to convey to readers the
> important semantic information that certain text is being quoted from
> an external source.  For example, when wrapping long lines to the the
> viewport, each resultant line may have a ">" symbol placed at the front.

What isn't clear is whether subsequent quote lines ought to be
considered as part of the same quote block, ie, say my client surrounds
quotations with " marks. Should these marks surround each line, or
surround an entire block of subsequent quote lines?

The clients that I tested did the latter, and this seems intuitively
correct, but the spec doesn't make this explicit.

Let me know what you all think.

All the best,


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