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> On Jan 2, 2021, at 04:04, Kiëd Llaentenn <kiedtl at tilde.team> wrote:
> 4. It mixes information and presentation, which is against the spirit of
>   Gemini(?)


If anything, gemini/text is... purely about information‽

Put another way, text/gemini has no control over presentation. None.

Presentation is the remit of the user-agent, the client.

The only escape hatch is the pre-formatted block, ala ```, which is meant to be rendered 'as-is', in monospace fonts. Therefore the endless overloading of that construct for many exotic purposes.

5.4.4 Preformatted text lines
"Preformatted text lines should be presented to the user in a "neutral", monowidth font without any alteration to whitespace or stylistic enhancements."

But of course, we also have links.

Links can be resolved, and rendered, in any creative way a smart client sees fit.

For example, an embedded text/csv, encoded as a data link, could be rendered in place into a beautiful looking table by the discerning user-agent:

=> data:text/csv;1997%2CFord%2CE350 Table Caption

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