[tech] Proposed reversed Gemini for uploads to servers - Feedback wanted

Petite Abeille petite.abeille at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 21:09:22 GMT 2021

> On Dec 31, 2020, at 00:27, Sean Conner <sean at conman.org> wrote:
>  Seriously, I wish libtls was more popular because it's a *very easy* library to use.

Gentoo has reached the same conclusion:

[gentoo-dev] [News review] LibreSSL support discontinued 

"To the best of our knowledge, the only benefit LibreSSL has over OpenSSL
right now is the additional libtls library.  For this reason, we have
packaged dev-libs/libretls which is a port of this library that links
to OpenSSL."

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