[users] Multi-user capsule at gmi.si3t.ch

prx prx at ybad.name
Mon Jan 4 19:41:46 GMT 2021

Hello everyone.

I'd like to share a small project allowing anyone creating his own part of gemspace.
In a few words, I set up a chrooted STFP server (ssh pubkey only) which content is served to the gemspace.
Not much to read yet, but I hope this à-la-tilde idea will sow some seeds in others mind.

It is called a sietch, in reference to Dune.

See you in gemspace, cow(boy|girl)s ;)

=> gemini://gmi.si3t.ch
=> gemini://ybad.name/log/2020-12-31.gmi How to host a shared gemini server?
=> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_Dune_(franchise)_terminology#S Sietch : "Place of assembly in time of danger"

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