[ANN] Schapcom

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Wed Jan 6 21:48:37 GMT 2021

It was thus said that the Great Sandra Snan once stated:
> # Schapcom
> gemini://idiomdrottning.org/schapcom
> Schapcom is a feed aggregator for Gemini similar to CAPCOM.


> Curators set up lists of URLs of such feeds that they wanna follow. Each
> line needs to end with .xml or .gmi, and this list of URLs should be in
> a text file, one url per line, no other lines, no comments no header no
> nothing, and end with a .txt file ending. The list of URLs can be on
> gemini or on http / https, to minimize the amount of work that curators
> need to do. They only need to be able to host a text file, anywhere.

  Why the hardcoded extensions?  It doesn't seem like it should matter given
that you'll get a MIME type of "text/gemini" or "application/atom+xml" that
will tell you what type of feed it is.

  I only ask as someone who uses .gemini and .atom as the extensions.


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