[tech] Gemini Acentred Messaging System

Alex // nytpu alex at nytpu.com
Wed Jan 6 23:25:44 GMT 2021

On 2021-01-06 10:36PM, Côme Chilliet wrote:
> There is no reason other than it was what I was feeling like doing. I
> dislike setting up and using databases and I liked the idea of having
> something really simple, and as static as possible.
Oh, it's a personal choice for your implementation, that's obviously
perfectly fine.  I was thinking it was a requirement for all
implementations or something like that.

> I like the idea of replying to a specific message of the thread, as we
> do on mailing list.
I guess the fact that it's using gemlogs (which are usually longer-form
than your average comment on a forum) as the posting medium mitigates
my main complaints with threaded forums—namely, encouraging low-effort
or otherwise filler comments and encouraging tangential and off-topic
discussions.  Upon thinking about it more, I think threaded would be
fine or preferable for this style of board.

> Maybe I should add the requirement that the post link to the board
> thread as well as the post it’s responding to. This would ease
> updating because you know exactly in which thread a message goes
> without searching in the thread.  But I liked the simplicity of just
> linking to what you are anwsering.
I think it would be best to just link to what you're replying too as
well.  As long as you take uri normalization and encoding into account,
it wouldn't be any harder to match a link to an arbitrary post in a
thread as it would to match the base board link.

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