[tech] Gemini Acentred Messaging System

Jason McBrayer jmcbray at carcosa.net
Thu Jan 7 02:58:06 GMT 2021

Côme Chilliet <come at chilliet.eu> writes:
> I like the idea of replying to a specific message of the thread, as we do on
> mailing list.
> Maybe I should add the requirement that the post link to the board thread as
> well as the post it’s responding to. This would ease updating because you know
> exactly in which thread a message goes without searching in the thread.
> But I liked the simplicity of just linking to what you are anwsering.

If you're getting into threading, and reconstructing a thread from
back-references that may be incomplete, you should definitely read this:


It describes how threading was implemented for both mail and USENET in
Netscape Navigator. Besides providing an algorithm, JWZ also shows that
you don't need a database to do it (even for efficiency).

If you include one link in the head of your post format, that's
equivalent to "In-Reply-To"; if you include all the links back to the
root, that's "References". There's no equivalent to including the root
and the parent, but maybe you can see how that would affect the

BTW, I want to say I really like the *idea* of this way of doing a
board, for several reasons, not the least of which is that it does not
involve bolting on any kind of POST semantics to Gemini.

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