[tech] A '.well-known/' path for contact information?

Jon jon at shit.cx
Thu Jan 7 08:14:42 GMT 2021

On 07/01/21 02:25, Sean Conner wrote:
> It was thus said that the Great Jon once stated:
> > On 06/01/21 22:00, Jason McBrayer wrote:
> > > I think it's a good idea in principle, but it is maybe not
> > > well-suited for multi-user sites, which a lot of Gemini sites are.
> > 
> > Hmm. I assumed that most sites were on their own domain.
> > 
> > On a multi-tenanted host, is each tenant generally confined to a
> > unix homedir? For example `/~${USER}/*`. If that's the case,
> > checking the users root before hitting the root shouldn't be
> > unreasonable.
>   It might not always be the case that a user's directory is marked by
>   a '~'.  For instance, on <gemini://republic.cirumlunar.space/> users
>   are under <gemini://republic.circumlunar.space/users/>.
>   -spc

I guess traversing up the tree looking for a humans.txt file would work.

Finding the humans.txt file for a document at
`/users/jon/gemlog/2021-01-07-a-new-doc/index.gmi` would search:

- /users/jon/gemlog/2021-01-07-a-new-doc/humans.txt
- /users/jon/gemlog/humans.txt
- /users/jon/humans.txt
- /users/humans.txt
- /humans.txt

This would allow one document, or an entire branch of the tree have a
different contact than the rest, but it's a lot more complex than simply
hitting up /humans.txt.

Even though it handles the edge cases, I'm less enthusiastic about this
solution. What was initially a simple task of fetching /humans.txt is,
well not that anymore.


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