[tech] Gemini Acentred Messaging System

Johann Galle johann at qwertqwefsday.eu
Thu Jan 7 16:25:36 GMT 2021

Hi there,

On 2021-01-06T20:50+01, Côme Chilliet wrote:
 > Any feedback is welcome.

Alright I'll have a go because the specification is nice and short, which is
good. My points are ordered from least to most important IMHO.

from <gemini://gemlog.lanterne.chilliet.eu/GAMS.en.gmi> (revision 1):
 > When someone wants to register..., it sends...

I think that should be "they send"?

 > ... gemlog ...

I assume you are referring to a capsule in the format of the companion
specification "subscribing to gemini pages" with this. Maybe I am being overly
pedantic, but it might be nice to point it out explicitly.

 > * convention for thread page naming?

You have taken a quite liberal approach with the rest of the specification, so
I don't think you'd need to add this to it.

 > The date must not be in the past or future.

Seeing that the crawler will probably not pick up the post in real time, this is
a bit strict. Maybe relax it to something like "not before the last post",
because I think that's what would most likely be used in practice: Filter out
any posts that are older than when the board last checked that gemlog.

 > ..., containing the tag enclosed in square brackets in the title.

I personally would think of the tag as including the brackets, but that is

More importantly: It might be simpler if the tag was just a URL/domain of the
board or something like that. On the other hand that would eliminate something
like posting to mulitple boards with the same tag. But that practice would IMHO
only create problems e.g. when replying to someone on one board and it also
shows up on another, but the OP is not there. And using the URL/domain would be
a nice way to make sure the tags are unique.

 > When creating a new thread, link to the board homepage instead.
 > [...]
 > * Handling of errors, like first link to unknown page

I think it would be the easier solution to create a new thread if the first
link is to an unknown page, or if there is no link at all. If you think about
how threading works with e-mail, it also works that way. And yes sometimes it
breaks if the headers are not set right, but it will not be possible to build a
perfect system with this eiter.

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