Message boards via e-mail, not Gemini

Jason McBrayer jmcbray at
Fri Jan 8 19:19:23 GMT 2021

nothien at writes:

> Instead of creating message board systems on Gemini, create servers /
> libraries to view e-mail archives on Gemini. I argue that Gemini is
> not designed to handle back-and-forth communication, but rather to
> serve information in a single direction. We must only use protocols
> for things they are well-suited to handle, otherwise we risk losing
> their original purposes and leave behind a fog of unhelpful but
> deep-rooted conventions.

I agree with the principle here, but there's another aspect to the

Mailing lists and NNTP are, of course, the correct protocols for fora or
message boards. But I think what people want here is different. Gemlog
posts are standalone documents that you put out into the world to read.
It's a wonderful part of community that people write gemlogs in response
to other gemlogs; it's very similar to the early blogging community
before it became focused on monetization, and then crowded out by social

What people want in this case, I think, is not so much a direct analogue
of a forum, but a way of collecting and following the set of gemlog
posts responding to each other, but also get notification when your own
posts are replied to. Maybe this set of conventions for apps may look
too forum-like, but it is a good suggestion for an approach to the
question of doing that kind of notifications without trying to do a
POST-equivalent over Gemini.

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