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Sun Jan 10 06:00:11 GMT 2021

On Fri, Jan 08, 2021 at 02:19:23PM -0500, Jason McBrayer wrote:
>Gemlog posts are standalone documents that you put out into the world 
>to read.  It's a wonderful part of community that people write gemlogs 
>in response to other gemlogs; it's very similar to the early blogging 
>community before it became focused on monetization, and then crowded 
>out by social media.
>What people want in this case, I think, is not so much a direct 
>analogue of a forum, but a way of collecting and following the set of 
>gemlog posts responding to each other, but also get notification when 
>your own posts are replied to. Maybe this set of conventions for apps 
>may look too forum-like, but it is a good suggestion for an approach to 
>the question of doing that kind of notifications without trying to do a 
>POST-equivalent over Gemini.

This has been solved on the WWW through Webmentions. It should be 
possible to bring this to a Gemini site, though perhaps not using the 
Gemini protocol.

Currently, if Alice writes a (micro)blog post responding to Bob's post, 
Bob can get a notification or display Alice's response as a comment 
under his post automatically. The result is something that can replace 
silos like social media; everyone owns their own sites and talks to each 
other, posting and repeating like Twitter or the various Fediverse 
microblogging implementations.

To bring this to Gemini, Webmention software could simply handle 
Webmentions with gemini:// URLs. The sending of Webmentions could be 
done over HTTP, but the verification of Webmentions sent using gemini:// 
will obviously use the Gemini protocol.

I'll be working on something like ddevault's openring 
(, but for saved Webmentions instead 
of RSS feeds; I'll probably include an option for Gemtext output as well 
as HTML.

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