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Sun Jan 10 09:52:49 GMT 2021


> Whoops, missed "From" (thus missing mails never replied to).  Adding it
> in, we get:

Just to a quick note of appreciation for your
effort to actually do the analysis.

My (very rough) summary gives the following

gmail                               28
other commercial providers          17
domains with more than one sender   30
domains with one sender            134 (yay!)

I have now seen the argument:

  "everybody uses gmail thesdays, sad, but you can't change that"

on a number of mailing lists and it is really
neat to see that this does not have to be the

I have two observations to make:

Loads of people who have been on the internet for
some decades remember the good old days fondly,
and are sad at what the internet (well, mainly web)
has turned in to. My view is that the good parts
of the internet are still there and are better than
ever - it is just that the good parts are completely
dwarfed by the amount of rubbish that is being added
even more quickly.

So this is my theory of internet inflation (similar
to cosmic inflation):

 "The bright stuff that matters is still there, but the
  vacuous stuff (vacuum) in between is growing and
  making the good stuff hard to find."

And I consider this list one of the bright points on
the internet, amongst the darkness of all the facebooglegram.

Then the second observation relates to the protocol discussions
here: A while ago some beginner woodworking article had
the (paraphrased) line in it:

 "To get started, we recommend making your own workbench. And if
  you are thinking of buying a workbench, reconsider if woodworking
  is really for you"

So at the risk of being a elitist, I tend to take comments
on protocol nuances and extensions a lot more seriously
from a selfhosted email address, on the basis that the
poster has some form of experience/expertise relating to
running an internet facing service.



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