Message boards via e-mail, not Gemini

Sean Conner sean at
Mon Jan 11 03:14:10 GMT 2021

It was thus said that the Great marc once stated:
> Just to a quick note of appreciation for your
> effort to actually do the analysis.
> My (very rough) summary gives the following
> breakdown:
> gmail                               28
> other commercial providers          17
> domains with more than one sender   30
> domains with one sender            134 (yay!)

  I ran my own analysys over the addresses to the mailing list (starting
from the start, August 14, 2019) and got the following:

	Total unique addresses;		334
	Total unique domains:		225
	Domains that use Google:	 20 *
	Domains use a single MX host:	162 **

	*  Includes and other domains that outsource email to
	** Only counted domains with 1 MX record, most likely self-hosted.

  I don't think this means that everybody on this list uses gmail, but it's
probably more than expected.


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