[spec] Oustanding issues

easrng easrng at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 19:47:40 GMT 2021

>The interaction between TOFU and X.509, if any, must be thought through clearly.
I'm not writing a client right now, but if I was, I think I would
handle certs a few different ways. First, if it was tunneled over a
protocol that is already encrypted (ex. Tor), I'd accept any
certificate, because TLS would be redundant, even though the spec
requires it. If the certificate was valid and trusted by the CAs
installed, I would also accept it, even if that means overwriting an
earlier TOFU entry. Otherwise, I would handle them like SSH handles
keys, by asking the user on the first connection if the certificate is
trusted. Hopefully blockchain-based naming systems will make cert
validation easy some day, as you could just check if the cert matches
the signature in the blockchain of the person who owns the domain.

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