[ANN] Twinq, a graphical gemini browser

Ben Bader ben at bendb.com
Tue Jan 12 21:36:58 GMT 2021

Hi folks,

I'm happy to announce Twinq, a new, graphical, Gemini browser:

=> https://git.sr.ht/~bendb/twinq

It requires Qt6, cmake, and a modern c++ compiler, but no other
dependencies.  It's easy on the eyes (the content, anyways), and the
browsing/TOFU/protocol experience is pretty stable.  We don't yet have
features like bookmarks, home pages, etc - will get to those soon enough.

Eventually we'll have installers for precompiled binaries, but for now one
must build from sources.

The goals for Twinq are
- to be lightweight (well, as lightweight as any Qt app can be :) )
- to have a simple implementation
- to be portable

It's reasonably successful at these goals, save portability - I've only run
it on linux.  Who knows what's in store on other platforms!  I'm hopeful to
hear from one of you on that front.

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