[tech] Funny endless redirection

Luke Emmet luke at marmaladefoo.com
Sat Jan 16 10:51:54 GMT 2021

On 16-Jan-2021 09:58, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> The capsule gemini.marmaladefoo.com has a funny
> redirection. <gemini://gemini.marmaladefoo.com/geminaut?name=gerald>
> redirects to <gemini://gemini.marmaladefoo.com/geminaut?name=gerald/>
> which redirects to
> <gemini://gemini.marmaladefoo.com/geminaut?name=gerald//> and so on
> until you run out of slashes :-)

Hmm - there is something strange about that URL - it might be molly 
brown redirecting. I'll investigate.

But anyway, the URL is not a valid one - were you just playing around or 
did you follow a link from somewhere that linked to that URL?

There is a CGI demo here

gemini://gemini.marmaladefoo.com/cgi-bin/hello-world.cgi where you can 
put your name, e.g.


> May be it will reactivate the discussion on a way to get the contact
> of a capsule, to report issues.
There is an email address for yours truly on the root page of the capsule!

  - Luke

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