[ANN] E-Fluo: Esperanto language aggregator

Ben benulo at systemli.org
Sat Jan 16 11:35:23 GMT 2021


I was inspired by gmisub (many thanks to Callum for helping me get it 
working on FreeBSD) to create my own feed with a special purpose. It 
occurred to me that there are several users on Gemini who know Esperanto 
but don't often write in it (including myself). I thought this could 
change if I propose that we create gemlogs specific to that language and 
put them into a single feed so we can easily read each other:


Everyone/anyone is welcome to participate. The logs have to be in a 
format compatible with gmisub, which I'm sure everybody knows by now.

I would also like to propose an initiative to do this for other 
languages to help their communities gain momentum. For example, I have 
recently seen posts in French on Gemini. I would be willing to host such 
feeds or teach volunteers how.



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