Introducing my new server, and two questions

Miguel de Luis Espinosa enteka at
Sat Jan 16 18:18:42 GMT 2021

This is Miguel de Luis, hailing from Canary Islands, Spain and this is my little gemini capsule gemini:// which uses the Glasgow-php server. Mostly because php was already installed in the server and it worked nicely.

My content is mostly in Spanish, though and it's still a very humble thing, but I hope to be a little bleep in the Gemini space, at least.

## Questions:

*  As for file extensions, I'm using .gemini but I see many people prefering .gmi  Should I change to .gmi? Are there any rules I'm not aware of?

* Do Gemini capsules use the same Atom feed format as other. I tried to make my own feed but I got a validation error telling me the gemini protocol was not registered at (some acronym IAPA or something?)

* Is there a Gemini-aware feed format?

Well, thanks everyone. To this point the best in Gemini has been the people I've met.

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