[ANN] E-Fluo: Esperanto language aggregator

Côme Chilliet come at chilliet.eu
Sat Jan 16 21:38:10 GMT 2021

Le samedi 16 janvier 2021, 12:35:23 CET Ben a écrit :
> I would also like to propose an initiative to do this for other 
> languages to help their communities gain momentum. For example, I have 
> recently seen posts in French on Gemini. I would be willing to host such 
> feeds or teach volunteers how.

For french content I host gemini://français.lanterne.chilliet.eu/ which lists french capsules I’ve found.

Also if people are interested I can host a GAMS board in french.

Your esperanto capsule is not setting lang parameter in the mimetype header, it would be better to add lang=eo to the meta line. It will help find esperanto content if search engines start using this information.


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