.gmi vs. .gemini (was: Re: Introducing my new server, and two questions)

Nathan Galt mailinglists at ngalt.com
Sat Jan 16 23:58:14 GMT 2021

> On Jan 16, 2021, at 10:18 AM, Miguel de Luis Espinosa <enteka at fastmail.com> wrote:
> ## Questions:
> *  As for file extensions, I'm using .gemini but I see many people prefering .gmi  Should I change to .gmi? Are there any rules I'm not aware of?

When I first started using Markdown, I was a diehard fan of using the full extension, .markdown. .md seemed like a stupid hack that was good only for long-dead Windows 3.1 computers.

Then I started seeing lots of my own .markdown files in a length-constrained view (probably the Visual Studio Code sidebar) and thought “‘.markdown’ takes up a half to a third of the space in this view, but it doesn’t tell me anything more about the file than .md would. If I renamed all these files to .md, I’d get much better information density and less noise.”

I use .md now.

All this happened before I got into Gemini, so I started off with .gmi and only briefly considered using the full extension.

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