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Sun Jan 17 08:03:10 GMT 2021

Jan 14, 2021, 15:16 by alex at nytpu.com:

> For what it's worth, I subscribed to your page, looking forward to more
> posts!
thanks! planning to keep some sort of consistency -- aiming for a few times a week :) and eventually I'll figure out commenting, that seems like it'd be fun

> I love reading about people (ab)using the free tiers of <insert cloud
> service provider> to do their hosting. Obviously a gemini server will
> fit easily on any free tier, but I remember having fun a few times
> engineering my software to pretty much max out my usage of aws' free
> tier so I could get the most bang for my nonexistent buck.
The simplicity of gemini is what sold me on doing it this way -- even these dated servers I can't imagine maxing this out. May still try to run a matrix server concurrently or just on the second VM to maximize my return on investment.

> I am surprised that oracle has the best offering though, do you think
> they just want to try to attract customers? I never really considered
> oracle to be the generous type.
100%, it's just a marketing ploy. They have such a low marketshare (I think they're the smallest "major" player?) that I'm sure this is absolutely just a way to draw people in. I'm sure there will be a catch down the line at some point -- after all, nothing's more expensive than a free gift.

Nonetheless, two free VMs is pretty dope.

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