[users] Simple Gemini server for testing in the current directory?

Gary Johnson lambdatronic at disroot.org
Wed Jan 20 23:31:13 GMT 2021

Sean Conner <sean at conman.org> writes:
>   I wouldn't say it's unique, just rare.  GLV-1.12556 [1] is also easy to expand
> but instead of looking for executable scripts [2], it uses Lua's module
> system.  These modules [3] used to return the data as Space-Age, but I
> switched to a streaming model to save memory usage [4].
>   -spc
> [1]	https://github.com/spc476/GLV-1.12556
> [2]	With GLV-1.12556, executable scripts are treated as CGI scripts.
> [3]	And it's *all* modules---even serving up files from a directory is
> 	done using this mechanism.
> [4]	Some resources served up by my server can be quite large.

Thanks for the tip, Sean. I hadn't realized you had also used a
functional programming model for your Lua CGI scripts.

Always something new to learn,

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