Gemini and Tor?

shardiame shardiame at
Sat Jan 23 23:43:07 GMT 2021

Does anyone have an thoughts or experience running hidden sites using Gemini? It seems like a great pairing.

The simplicity of the Gemini servers and (typical) use of static only content leave very little to attack or exploit on the end point. Handy for keeping those hidden services... hidden. 

The lack of privacy destroying features mean that, for the client side, the risk of client deanonymization should be much less. No cookies, WebRTC, JavaScript, etc.  

I did a little bit of experimentation and running a Gemini as a hidden service worked easily enough.  

Running Lagrange and a couple of other clients through Torify worked on the client side.  

I think I'm going to move forward and build up my Gemlog as a hidden site.  Is anyone else doing something like this, or have any interest in doing so? I'm also thinking it would be interesting to setup something like Capcom for hidden Gemlogs, if it doesn't already exist.  
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