Porting Gemini to EMACS GNUS

Jason McBrayer jmcbray at carcosa.net
Sun Jan 24 17:27:35 GMT 2021

~vidak <vidak at riseup.net> writes:

> I attempted to subscribe to a gemini atom feed inside GNUS, just to
> attempt to push the envelope a little, and it was not possible.
> I am curious: would anyone be able to give me a little guidance about
> how I would go about modifying my GNUS so I could subscribe to gemini
> atom feeds?

My guess is that you have two separate problems to solve: fetching feeds
from Gemini rather than HTTP, and handling Atom feeds rather than RSS.

My general recommendation is that you make a copy of nnrss.el as
nnatom.el and start hacking on it until it handles atom feeds. You'll
probably have to also look at mm-url.el, because it has all of the URL
handling code for Gnus, and you'll either have to teach it about Gemini,
or teach nnatom.el to use a separate code path for handling Gemini urls
vs HTTP ones. The rest is just xml wrangling, I guess, and you can get
what you need from the Atom specification.

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