Proposal: Simple structured form specification

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Tue Jan 26 12:43:10 GMT 2021

Russtopia <rmagee at> wrote:
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> [... form proposal ... ]

The issue is that Gemini (and gemtext) is too close to being frozen
forever.  And most Gemini content out there doesn't need to use forms.

I have an alternative proposal: make the form on a new page, and use
something other than gemtext for it (and possibly something other than
Gemini the protocol).  I suggest instead making a gemtext-derived format
that is specially suited to forms, which has special line types and
stuff as necessary (in fact, I suggest adding a similar line type to the
one you gave in your proposal).  You could probably borrow from a lot of
the gemtext spec directly.  It would be best to use one of the
Gemini-analogue protocols which allow uploading (I know of Dioscuri,
Titan, and Inimeg) so that users could submit the form by performing an
upload process to the same URL.  Using a different protocol would be
best as then there are no upload limitations; with Gemini, the URL given
by the client has to be less than ~1024 bytes, which is not suited to
all forms.

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