Proposal: Simple structured form specification

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Wed Jan 27 18:13:22 GMT 2021

On January 27, 2021 3:55:41 AM UTC, Russtopia <rmagee at> wrote:
>I do feel like there should be some explicit allowance for one-of
>types and boolean types, to give a client app hints as to what 'widgets'
>to best use to present the valid values to the user (eg., drop-downs or
>choose a-b-c-d for a text-based client, and checkboxes). IMHO.

I agree that there should me checkboxes, but I think radio buttons are more
in the spirit of Gemini than menus.

RE: Keeping Gemini simple, what if forms were a separate MIME type like
text/form+gemini? I think forms are important to have because unlike ex.
file uploads I don't know if there is another lightweight solution. The
only options I can think of for form filling and submission are PDF forms,
but those are only really usable in Acrobat and HTML forms, which I suppose
we could serve over Gemini but often require JavaScript to function.
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