Viability of *apps* on Gemini? [TECH]

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Thu Jan 28 14:12:28 GMT 2021

On 2021-07-28T13:53+01:00, tayevnge wrote:
 > Hello,


 > Please help me understand viability of creating simple form-based apps
 > like message boards, job offer boards, etc on Gemini.
 > I am aware there are no multi-input forms but there seem to be an
 > "input" feature.

In theory you could do it, have a look at a recent thread on forms in the
mailing list archives:

 > Does Gemini support or intends to support meaningful user input and
 > interactivity?

I don't think so, beyond what is already present with the input and secret input
status codes, as well as just "being on a page".

 > Is it realistic to build real world "text applications"?

Probably not, why not use another protocol? (again, see the linked thread)

 > How about multi-line user input, file upload etc?

Multiline input is theoretically possible by percent encoding a linefeed.

For file upload, maybe have a look at one of the adaptations mentioned in the
linked thread (Dioscuri, Titan, and Inimeg)?

 > Any example apps?

Depends on what you would call an app. You can have a look at some pieces
published on the mailing list:
Tic Tac Toe (seems to be inoperable at the moment [1])
Interactive Fiction


[1] It gives me a header of "30 ---------", which does not make sense.
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