Viability of *apps* on Gemini?

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Thu Jan 28 15:59:30 GMT 2021

tayevnge <tayevnge at> wrote:
> Hello,

> Please help me understand viability of creating simple form-based apps
> like message boards, job offer boards, etc on Gemini.

I'm going to quickly cover what I think are the best solutions to these
two applications.

Message boards *can* be done on Gemini.  Short-form message boards,
somewhat like Twitter, with short message sizes, can definitely be done.
For example, you may have a 'post' page where the user provides
plain-text input as the post to be made, and the server redirects them
to the newly created post.  Gemini provides and strongly recommends TLS
client certificates for authentication, so I suggest that the server
distributes a cert to the user when they sign up.  But you can't do
things like notifications.

Long-form message boards which require different input formats, file and
image uploads, notifications, etc. are much, much better to implement as
mailing lists.  All you need on top of a standard mailing list server is
a way to neatly present that information (i.e. to view topics/mails),
and that can be on Gemini easily.

A job offer board could be implemented as a Gemini server which lists
jobs and an e-mail address to receive e-mails from potential employees.
I don't think that giving users actual accounts and verifying that
they're human and stuff is a good idea - leave that up to the hiring
companies.  It would be pretty neat to have a free gemsite (?) listing
job offers from FOSS companies.

~aravk | ~nothien

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