Viability of *apps* on Gemini?

Gary Johnson lambdatronic at
Thu Jan 28 18:07:49 GMT 2021

tayevnge <tayevnge at> writes:
> Please help me understand viability of creating simple form-based apps
> like message boards, job offer boards, etc on Gemini.
> I am aware there are no multi-input forms but there seem to be an
> "input" feature.
> Does Gemini support or intends to support meaningful user input and
> interactivity?
> Is it realistic to build real world "text applications"?
> How about multi-line user input, file upload etc?
> Any example apps?

I described the current state of affairs around building dynamic
applications with Gemini and Gemtext in a recent message thread called
"The Tragedy of &". You can see it in the mailing list archives here:

A great (and quite popular) Gemini app is Astrobotany, which you can
find here:


Have fun exploring Geminispace. The culture here celebrates doing more
with less. It's pretty uncommon to get new features added to the
protocol or markup language, so this drives people to get creative in
their thinking about how to mix-and-match protocols to build the things
they want or to find new solutions to old problems using Gemini's modest

Happy hacking!

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