[users] [announce] geminispace.info - alternative search provider

René Wagner rwagner at rw-net.de
Fri Jan 29 09:56:29 GMT 2021


after a few days of public testing i'm happy to announce the launch of 
geminispace.info, a new search provider for the Gemini protocol:

This is not about reinventing the wheel, geminispace.info is a 
independent instance of the great GUS by Natalie Pendragon 
and contributors: https://natpen.net/code/gus

This is NOT a fork of GUS, i intend to send patches to upstream
if appropiate. First patches has already been submitted for discussion.

Updates of the search index are currently scheduled to happen twice a week.
We'll see how this goes when geminispace keeps growing. 

Feedback welcome.


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