[ANN] [users] Two new capsules and a server

Omar Polo op at omarpolo.com
Sat Jan 30 14:27:25 GMT 2021


I've started using gemini around last October, but I never announced my
capsule.  In these last weeks I started another one, and I've also just
released a new version of my Gemini server, so I thought it was a good
time to make an announcement :)

=> gemini://gemini.omarpolo.com

It's my primary capsule/blog.  I write about things that I find
interesting, usually programming-related stuff but not only, in (an
hopefully correct) English.  This capsule is managed using the same
static site generator written in clojure I use for the WWW version of
the site.

=> gemini://it.omarpolo.com

This one is new, entirely written in Italian, and it's not a mirror of
the English one.  With this capsule I'm trying to do a little experiment
and see how it goes without using a generator: every page is written by
hand and rsync'ed on the server.  It's also gemini-only, or
gemini-exclusive if you prefer ;).  I'm still writing about things that
I find interesting of course, but it's a bit more "casual".

=> gemini://gemini.omarpolo.com/pages/gmid.gmi
=> https://github.com/omar-polo/gmid

gmid was my introduction to Gemini.  After discovering the protocol and
reading the specification, I though it was easy enough and I tried to
write a server for it (first commit is dated 2020-10-02).  The first
time I used a gemini client was to see if the server was working
correctly IIRC.

Over the time I slowly improved it to match my needs.  In these last
two/three weeks in particular I ended up adding a bunch of features,
from virtual host support to a configuration file and various security
features.  It's also now usable both as a proper daemon and from the
command line to quickly serve any directory (with automatic certificate

To the best of my knowledge (although I'll be happy to be proved wrong),
it's the only Gemini server that is sandboxed by default on OpenBSD
(with pledge and unveil), FreeBSD (capsicum) and linux (seccomp), other
than being able to chroot(2) itself.

Other than that, the other features are pretty much what you'd expect:
virtual hosts, configuration file with per-location rules, CGI scripts,
punycode, IRIs, directory listings ecc.

I tagged the v1.5 today, dubbed "Interstellar Overdrive" because why


Omar Polo

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