Enviroments (was poetry)

Miguel de Luis Espinosa enteka at fastmail.com
Sun Jan 31 12:19:49 GMT 2021

Dear all,

I've been giving some thought to how to share poetry and other, let's say, more typographically rich content in Gemini. One solution that was given to me works in some way. That is to attach a pdf. I'm already using that approach, generating my pdfs on Groff. (It was a excuse as good as any other, plus I can generate the stuff directly on the server, without the overhead of LaTeX.

Anyway, I think there could be a Groff inspired alterntaive that would not be too difficult to implement, except it deviates from the "markdown-inspired" formatting. 

Enviroments. We already have one: plain text. We could have something like

roses are red
this     preserved space is not blue
so poetry you can do

.PO would tell the client to "please switch poetry mode on/off if you know how to"

The client would only need to examine the first three characters as usual, so it would even possible to mark it in a human readable way, for those cross-posting on gopher or for those clients that would not implement the environment or simply treat it as plain text.

.POem begins
roses are red ...
whatever is blue
.POem ends

The client will only "see" the first 3 characters of the code .PO switching the mode on and off. Of course other such environments could be possible.

Just some food for thought.

~ Miguel de Luis (enteka.xyz)


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