[ANN] [users] new capsule and assorted gemini software

Hugo Wetterberg hugo at wetterberg.nu
Sun Jan 31 20:06:59 GMT 2021

Hi all,

I read Omar Polos mail to the list yesterday and realised that maybe
it's time to stop lurking and actually say hi. 

I'm running a personal capsule on gemini://capsule.wetterberg.nu/ that
mostly has been about Gemini application development. I used the
christmas break to get started on some projects that had been brewing in
the back of my head since I started reading the CAPCOM feed. It's a joy
to work in such a restricted design space after many years of web and
information system development work.

My projects are avaliable here gemini://repos.wetterberg.nu/ and on
Sourcehut. A quick round-up:

gemini-git: serves up my public Sourcehut git repositories as a gemini
capsule, it's what runs the repos subdomain.

gemini-paper: creates a daily digest as a PDF or ePUB document using a
list of gemsub/Atom/RSS subscriptions. I use this to get a morning
newspaper delivered to my e-reader.

gemlog-server: is a git-driven gemlog server that I use to publish my
posts. The workflow is described here:

gemini-cfdocs: is a pretty niche service that lets me (and anyone else
that occupies this unprobable venn diagram slice) access the AWS
Cloudformation docs in a non-horrible way.

gemini-proxy: is a proxy service that allows me to expose the different
gemini servers on a standard port on the same server.

gemini-ignorant: is a gemini-to-http proxy for all those people we care
about even if they don't care about gemini.

Thank you for being a more human-friendly, and human-driven alternative
to an increasingly hostile web.

Hugo Wetterberg

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