[ANN] Create gem blog with sphinx-gemini-builder

Kujiu kujiu-gemini at kujiu.org
Mon Feb 1 02:34:23 GMT 2021

Hello here !

I just published sphinx-gemini-builder on PyPi to create
websites and blogs from sphinx documentation tool
(https://www.sphinx-doc.org). I need to work a lot more to
generate Atom feeds with ablog (https://ablog.readthedocs.io/).

I'm using this module for my new gem blog (gemini://kujiu.org
in french) and for a non-profit organization
(gemini://nerv-project.eu in french). It'll be compatible with
a lot of software documentations. I think Atom generation will
be good in one week.

To use this module, you can just do :

    pip install sphinx-gemini-builder

And in your documentation directory :

    make gemini

Thanks for this protocol !

Have a good day.
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